I'm a Gameplay Engineer at Harmonix Music Systems,
where I've worked on Rock Band 4 for PS4 and XB1 and Super Beat Sports for the Nintendo Switch.
Check out my other work and my resume!
BSE Digital Media Design 2014,
MSE Computer Graphics & Game Technology 2015,
University of Pennsylvania.


  • Threshold is a puzzle platformer made for the Global Game Jam 2014. Play it here!
  • Personal Responsibilities:
      Programming in C# (snow particles, shattering effects, transparency transition system), level design.
  • Team of 7.
  • Built in Unity with C#.

Winged Lights

  • An information visualization project on fireflies. I used a dataset from the Boston Museum of Science to map fireflies onto a map of the United States.
  • Walk from state to state and watch the firefly populations change around you over the months and years.
  • Play here!
  • Solo Project:
      C# in Unity, data from the Boston Museum of Science.

The Fencing Project

  • A first person fencing project to teach players realistic fencing moves.
  • Outsmart your opponent -- an AI fencer that takes both distance and decision making into account.
  • Solo Project:
      C# in Unity, motion capture with the Vicon Nexus program and Motion Builder,
      and model creation and rigging in Autodesk Maya and Mudbox.

Robockey 2014

  • In December 2014, I participated in the MEAM 510 Robockey tournament. My team and I designed and constructed three robots and competed against 24 other teams, and placed in the top half.
  • The robots determine their locations and the locations of the goals based on a constellation of infrared lights suspended above the hockey rink.
  • Personal Responsibilities:
       Programming, electrical, & mechanical design. Responsibilities shared with all teammates.
  • Team of 3.
  • Built with M2 microcontrollers and MRF wireless chips. Programming done in C.


  • A very simple fusion of an open-world game and a puzzle/strategy game
  • Created for the Eat This Jam, 2014.
  • Play here!
  • Solo Project:
      C# in Unity, monster and sprite animations done in Illustrator.

Gendered Toys

  • This is a data visualization project based on Characteristics of Boys' and Girls' Toys (2005) by Judith E. Owen Blakemore and Renee E. Centers.
  • The interactive visualization allows you to hover over a multitude of toys to see how masculine or feminine the participants in the study believed the toys to be.
  • Additionally, there are many subcategories to explore, from "Encourages Creativity" to "Focuses on Appearance".
  • Play here!
  • Solo Project:
      C# in Unity, data from Characteristics of Boys' and Girls' Toys (2005).


  • A very simple fusion of an open-world game and a puzzle/strategy game
  • Created for the, *ahem*, F*** This Jam, 2014.
  • Play here!
  • Solo Project:
      C# in Unity, ladybug model from the internet.


  • A punishing shooter -- the player is stuck at the center of a whirlpool and must shoot at the obstacles coming inward.
  • If the player misses, their bullet becomes an obstacle swirling back in at them!
  • Created for the "The Player is the Enemy" Jam, 2014.
  • Play here!
  • Solo Project:
      C# in Unity.


  • ReConstellation is a mutable board game based on luck and rearranging the stars.
  • The goal is to get to the center of the board before your opponents via strategy and a little luck.
  • Solo Project.

Unity Fracture Plugin

  • For my final project of CIS563 Physically Based Animation, I worked in a team of three to create a fracturing plugin for Unity.
  • From Unity, we pass the plugin the bounds of a mesh as well as a point of impact. The plugin then uses a Voronoi decomposition library (Voro++) to break apart a rectangular bounding box. Next, we pass all of the edge and vertex information back into Unity and reconstruct the Voronoi pieces as individual GameObjects, making sure to clip the pieces that did not fit inside the original mesh.
  • Team of 3.
  • C# in Unity, C++.

Paleta Brillante

  • Paleta Brillante is a digital coloring book game design to teach Spanish.
  • The game fuses coloring creativity with a paint collection mechanic, designed to make language learning fun!
  • Team of 2.
  • Personal Responsibilities: Game design and all coding and digital creation of the game.
  • Created in C#, Unity, with art currently from google image search.

3D Modeling

  • Models made and textured in Maya and/or Mudbox.

Girls & Games Photo Book

  • A photography and conversation project on girls and their relationships to games.